Supervision with Heather

31 Jan 2019 In this meeting Heather and I discussed: Ethical Review. I decided in our conversation that it is the habitat of Agritecture that I want to look at - and that this necessarily implies the ecosystem it is sitting in. Heather suggested I could save some types of interviewees for later down the… Continue reading Supervision with Heather

New Working Map – Emerging Groups

I've started a new working map of emerging groups - as I think this map will provide data on typologies within agritecture. I'll add more to this as I progress with data collection / generation.

Letting go, releasing…

I realised that this phase of my researcher introspection cycle - centred on letting go, and releasing, might also be about letting go of unproductive relationships and attachments. I'm taking this in the very literal sense today, and organising a little spring cleaning in the form of Email Bankruptcy... It's not the first time I've… Continue reading Letting go, releasing…