New Category & Group – Nutriceuticals

Businesses focussing on the Nutriceutical Sector. In supervision last week, Heather brought up the term Nutriceuticals - which I hadn't heard before. This came up because we were looking at the example of the research snowball from the node of Paul Bavister - his email regarding the guardian article on the Roca Gallery - which… Continue reading New Category & Group – Nutriceuticals

Intentional Living and the pursuit of a PhD

I've been working on my lifestyle design  in order to live intentionally for a few years now, attempting to be conscious about what I do with my time, and where I am headed. I've met monthly with a local women's group who support each other to build strategies to move towards goals. This PhD research -… Continue reading Intentional Living and the pursuit of a PhD

Taking stock of challenges, decisions, assertions

Challenge - Antonino asks - if I am an architect here... what is my problem with architecture? Decision - I'm still really thinking about this - I'm not sure if its what I think that is going to matter - as with the GT study - what I think will be based on what I… Continue reading Taking stock of challenges, decisions, assertions