Letting go, releasing…

I realised that this phase of my researcher introspection cycle - centred on letting go, and releasing, might also be about letting go of unproductive relationships and attachments. I'm taking this in the very literal sense today, and organising a little spring cleaning in the form of Email Bankruptcy... It's not the first time I've… Continue reading Letting go, releasing…

Intentional Living and the pursuit of a PhD

I've been working on my lifestyle design  in order to live intentionally for a few years now, attempting to be conscious about what I do with my time, and where I am headed. I've met monthly with a local women's group who support each other to build strategies to move towards goals. This PhD research -… Continue reading Intentional Living and the pursuit of a PhD

A flirtation with ‘the Bullet Journal’

  You know you have a supportive partner when they buy you research tools for your birthday. There were - yes - other more romantic gifts, however - I am very excited to try out the piece de research efficiency resistance - the bullet journal.  The quote on the bullet journal homepage posits the journal… Continue reading A flirtation with ‘the Bullet Journal’

Cyclical Involution

I want to be a reflexive and introspective researcher - and this is an essential element of a grounded theory research. Involution - inwards evolution - is a nice word to describe this. In my personal life I've been working with a regular and systematic cycle for work and introspection. Designed in 8 phases this… Continue reading Cyclical Involution