Speaking in Agritectures – inspiration from illustrator Alan Snow

When I last met with Antonino, we discussed the importance of beginning to make a visual case for each of the different leads I encounter. This is part of the research that I can pursue without the Ethical Review having taken place, as it would involve a desk study of information in the public domain,… Continue reading Speaking in Agritectures – inspiration from illustrator Alan Snow

HGS#1 23:52

“That’s another interesting and compelling aspect of this. Because you see entrepreneurs in some cities like New York where its taking off - there’s a constant flow of new people who want to innovate and build business and build technologies and build farms - and there’s kind of an ag-tech silicon valley happening here. But… Continue reading HGS#1 23:52

HGS#1 22:38

"It goes back to understanding the differences and complexities between different types of agriculture that could work in a city. Because cities don’t understand those differences, they either  create incentives that are one sided, and support one, or they do it on a piecemeal case by case basis. So if a company comes with the… Continue reading HGS#1 22:38


The conversation I had with Henry Gordon-Smith makes me think about how, perhaps I can look specifically at this area of 'integrations' as a way of hooking in better with the Architectural elements of Agritecture - I need to examine more what I mean by this!? I'm thinking about agritecture 'blocks' or elements that can hook… Continue reading MEMO