HGS#1 22:38

"It goes back to understanding the differences and complexities between different types of agriculture that could work in a city. Because cities don’t understand those differences, they either  create incentives that are one sided, and support one, or they do it on a piecemeal case by case basis. So if a company comes with the… Continue reading HGS#1 22:38


The conversation I had with Henry Gordon-Smith makes me think about how, perhaps I can look specifically at this area of 'integrations' as a way of hooking in better with the Architectural elements of Agritecture - I need to examine more what I mean by this!? I'm thinking about agritecture 'blocks' or elements that can hook… Continue reading MEMO

HGS#1 17:58

“That’s the problem that I see. It’s not being built into planning. Even entrepreneurs aren’t understanding that they should have a wider / open mind when they are considering what integration to utilise. So a lot of the lack of sustainability that does certainly exist in vertical farming and even in greenhouses - which is… Continue reading HGS#1 17:58

HGS#1 17:30

 "I think that the problem is if your on the community side - the soil-based side - this is the solution. This is agriculture as it should exist. If you are on the greenhouse side and you say ok this is agriculture as it should exist. If you are on the vertical farming side you’re… Continue reading HGS#1 17:30