New Working Map – Emerging Groups

I've started a new working map of emerging groups - as I think this map will provide data on typologies within agritecture. I'll add more to this as I progress with data collection / generation.

HGS#1 23:40

 “Certainly in the US there’s a better investment climate, there’s a lot of investment coming into the agtech space and I think it is generally easier to raise funding here for an urban agriculture project. You have to have some kind of technology. That remains a challenge wherever you are. I think in Europe that… Continue reading HGS#1 23:40

HGS#1 17:58

“That’s the problem that I see. It’s not being built into planning. Even entrepreneurs aren’t understanding that they should have a wider / open mind when they are considering what integration to utilise. So a lot of the lack of sustainability that does certainly exist in vertical farming and even in greenhouses - which is… Continue reading HGS#1 17:58


I will be going to the field to find agritectures to study. It will be interesting to see if there are contexts in which agritectures do *not occur (certain scales? / other limiting factors?). I will need to remember to investigate where soilless agritecture 'doesn't happen' Referencing Audio File First call with Henry Gordon-Smith of… Continue reading MEMO