Speaking in Agritectures – inspiration from illustrator Alan Snow

When I last met with Antonino, we discussed the importance of beginning to make a visual case for each of the different leads I encounter. This is part of the research that I can pursue without the Ethical Review having taken place, as it would involve a desk study of information in the public domain,… Continue reading Speaking in Agritectures – inspiration from illustrator Alan Snow

Vulnerable World / considering existential trajectories

I found myself listening to the Sam Harris podcast over the weekend. To the most recent episode at the time: 151 "Will we destroy the future?" an interview with Nick Bostrom. Quoting directly: In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Nick Bostrom about the problem of existential risk. They discuss public goods,… Continue reading Vulnerable World / considering existential trajectories

New Category & Group – Nutriceuticals

Businesses focussing on the Nutriceutical Sector. In supervision last week, Heather brought up the term Nutriceuticals - which I hadn't heard before. This came up because we were looking at the example of the research snowball from the node of Paul Bavister - his email regarding the guardian article on the Roca Gallery - which… Continue reading New Category & Group – Nutriceuticals