Supervision with Heather

31 Jan 2019

In this meeting Heather and I discussed:

Ethical Review.

I decided in our conversation that it is the habitat of Agritecture that I want to look at – and that this necessarily implies the ecosystem it is sitting in.

Heather suggested I could save some types of interviewees for later down the line when I have more to offer in value exchange.

We discussed CAT in Wales and pondered why there is nothing like this there. Is it possible to look at this question of why this isn’t happening in these places. Heather suggests this could be fast tracked with a questionnaire. What other places are there like CAT?

We discussed ‘discourses’ like catastrophism, promethianism and the film Captain Fantastic.

Heather posed the wicked-question – why is there no assessment of power in the research design. Would assessment of power be possible / even essential – particularly in describing how some things may be conflicting (is causality is being attributed).
How would decisions be made about strength and power.
I explained that this research method (Grounded Theory) is designed for suggesting theory, and not for validating it. So where strength of a driving factor may be suggested – it wouldn’t be possible to quantify it beyond phrases like “X appears in the data to have a greater effect than y”.

We discussed issues of research bias – questioning things like – what do I attribute power to? This extends to how I describe this “unifying theory” – as “honestly what I found”. There are elements of the research design that help reduce the impact of my bias. But it is something that won’t be ruled out completely. Cycles of researcher introspection is where I hope I can try to maintain some self-awareness around the issue of bias.

We discussed the need to map the snowball sampling method’s reach. I suggested I would begin immediately to put together a map that shows where leads are generated.

We discussed PhD by publication as an option. Heather suggests I need to figure out early on what are my low-hanging-fruit type papers and where I might want to place these. I think researching ‘where to publish’ will be an interesting task.

Heather suggests targeting conferences that will generate a publication.