Taking stock of challenges, decisions, assertions

Challenge – Antonino asks – if I am an architect here… what is my problem with architecture?

Decision – I’m still really thinking about this – I’m not sure if its what I think that is going to matter – as with the GT study – what I think will be based on what I find… I need to find a way to explain this with confidence / clarity as so far the suggestion that I explore in this way has been poorly received. Generally speaking it connects to Silvio’s point further down here that I need to narrow my scope / figure out what I’m looking at…

Assertion – Create some kind of clear statement of the research

Challenge – Heather asks – are Architects the rogue element here?

Decision – I’m not sure. I’m not even sure what a rogue element is – I need to think on this more.

A rogue element is someone or something that behaves differently from others of its kind, often causing damage”.

Funny – I hadn’t thought that was the context of Heather’s comment – but perhaps it was – she was asking are Architects this Rogue Element in the development of a sustainable food system? How would I find out?

Assertion –

Challenge – Silvio asked me to consider my scoping – though I am not certain I’m ready before the GT study. He suggests that being to general is a dangerous game – he asks what is it I want to study – I reply – I don’t know until I draw up my GT…In my initial research application I asked the question – how can the sector navigate the transition from niche to norm – is that it? What is it that I’m interested in exploring here?

Decision –

Assertion –

Challenge – I’ve started to mention an Author here and there without having a referencing system sorted

Decision – I’ve downloaded endnote for iPad!

Assertion – Discipline = Freedom

Challenge – Silvio asks me – Is agritecture a thing? / What is it? Is it just… fashion? He also suggested that there are research questions like:

Is agritecture going to happen?

Which form is best?

What are the risks of agritecture not rooted in reality?

Decision – I could ask this question (is it a thing) of the field – but that might cause issue with unit of research. I’m interested in figuring out what it is I’m talking about – I think I probably do have scope to think about – what do I mean by Agritecture, some examples of agritecture…. these could come from the field though – i.e. by searching Pinterest, blogs etc for the term – see what comes up – as a way to begin a classification.

Assertion – An assertion is a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief. Perhaps I could round up any readily available assertions as to what agritecture is? Give them their own little page in here? Again this is me going into the field though… so still feeling very chicken and egg about the question:

“Where shall we begin?”

Challenge – I’m not yet in a good working routine when I’m not in Portsmouth. I’d like to develop a better routine for myself.

Decision – I’m going to pop this out of this post and into a new one and spend some proper time thinking about it.

Assertion – I’m going to need a routine if I want to get through this

Challenge –

Decision –

Assertion –