Challenge – Finding a Routine

I haven’t got myself into a decent routine in the new flat. There are elements of routine to my day and week. But these arn’t focussed around taking time to work on my PhD and current responsibilities at Bristol Fish Project and the European Aquaponics Association.

I’m conscious that I want to create a routine that I can take into being a new mum next year – Chris is very supportive – so I can count on him to enable things with me – but he does need to go out to work – so if he isn’t in – he won’t be doing it!

Another thought is that I have pinballed from night owl to morning person – and am not sure what would work best these days – Chris read about flow and rest phases – I should reflect on those also.

At the time of writing

Mornings – I tend to wake up around 4:30am I’m up for a little, then try to go back to sleep – and usually do. This might be a good time to do something – although I would like to be able to get back to sleep… need my 8 hours! I probably have an hour I could do something here?

Then I wake again around 7am – the alarm is usually set for 7.30.

Then either Chris and I walk the dog then have breakfast or have breakfast then walk the dog for about 45 minutes / hour – depending on how early we need to leave for work.

Evenings we don’t eat at a fixed time, but we’ve been winding down for bed at around 10pm. We take the dog on a trot around the block to empty his bladder if he hasn’t had an evening walk. We haven’t been watching TV beyond 10 in the week – it would be good to keep this routine.



Wednesdays – I go to Portsmouth on the 10:22 train, I have Japanese from 4-6, I stay at my desk until just before 8. I try to write a blog using the cycle of introspection.

Thursdays – I get in at 9 and work until 5 at my desk in Portsmouth, I get the 17:27 back to Bristol and am home around 20:30


Saturdays & Sundays are usually unscheduled. We try to go on a long walk.

Things I would like to be part of my routine

A clear day dedicated to working on admin for Bristol Fish Project

Time set aside in the morning to decide what the day will hold

Time set aside in the evening to reflect and for introspection. To consider what I can improve on. And to consider allocate tasks to future times and to consider what tomorrow should hold.

Time and a place to read and write in the morning before lunch, and a little after?

Pottering time – i.e. if inspired to continue in the afternoon but if at a dead end to change phase and try to do something creative – and ideally relevant!

Time to swim / do yoga

Time to be sociable