Notes on – The Discovery of Grounded Theory – Strategies for Research (Glaser & Strauss 1967)

“Most important, it works – provides us with relevant predictions, explanations, interpretations and applications” P1


“…an overemphasis in current sociology on the verification of theory, and a resultant de-emphasis on the prior step of discovering what concepts and hypotheses are relevant for the area that one wishes to research” – P2

I found that this passage really resonates with my experience of research. I’m still struggling to put the feeling of incongruence I have had around the act of the literature review into words…

No conflict between verifying and generating theory is logically necessary […] For many sociologists however, undoubtedly there exists a conflict concerning primacy of purpose…”P2


“Grounded theory can help to forestall the opportunistic use of theories that have dubious fit and working capacity”-P4

I like that there is an additional footnote on p4 on how:

“one cannot dissociate the need to generate theory from the need to advance careers in sociology”