Cyclical Involution

I want to be a reflexive and introspective researcher – and this is an essential element of a grounded theory research. Involution – inwards evolution – is a nice word to describe this. In my personal life I’ve been working with a regular and systematic cycle for work and introspection. Designed in 8 phases this was originally created to fall in with the phase of the moon – although these could be re-imagined in any timescale. I have found this to fit my menstrual cycle of productivity quite well – I don’t know if you are familiar with ideas around working in a way that is complimentary to your menses – (men you also have cycles) – but it appealed to me and I do find it a good anchor and daily practice to attempt to maintain a level of consciousness in my work.

I also like that this involves scheduled permission – no – instruction – to rest, which I am otherwise particularly poor at.

  1. New Moon – New Beginnings, Fresh Starts – a good time to check in with what is starting / refreshed and to recognise these.
  2. Crescent Moon – setting out your intentions, hopes wishes
  3. 1st Quarter – challenges, decisions, assertions – taking stock of these.
  4. Gibbous Moon – adjusting, refining, editing
  5. Full Moon – signing, sealing, delivering
  6. Disseminating Moon – gratitude, sharing, thanks, enthusiasm
  7. Last Quarter – releasing, letting go, forgiving – a good time to recognise what could have been done better, what didn’t work, what felt off, any rough situations – and to put these aside
  8. Balsamic Moon – surrender, rest and solitude. Surrender – it turns out is necessary for rest…