Intentions, hopes, wishes – feelings based goals

Yesterday’s new moon brought with it the beginning of this blog, and a sort of fresh start for working on my PhD. Today is the first day I’m going to engage with my cyclical process of introspection. And given that the moon is 1% of full today – a waxing crescent – the order of the day is to look at my intentions, hopes and wishes. The cycle lasts just under a month (a lunar month) – but this activity can take into consideration longer timescales as desired. Because I’m really at the beginning of my process – I want to use this opportunity to think about my wider intentions for my work. I feel a lot is still unknown – and want to honour that also.

I’m calling on a technique of developing feelings based goals developed by Danielle LaPorte to help me with this initial activity.

In this technique I’m starting out by considering what kinds of feelings I want to feel during and as a result of this PhD.

Core Desired Feelings – Those that I initially connect with are:

Authentic – I want to feel like I am speaking in a real way.

Clarity – or I think what I mean here is Congruence – I want to explore this type of clarity that comes from being congruent.

Connection – to feel part of a community

Creative – I want so much to express myself through more embodied channels – and less through typing.

Devotion – to be all in – this is my apprenticeship

Engaged – this is going to have to come from within

Flow – that thing 😉

Freedom – is a choice

Gratitude – is an attitude I want to bring with me everywhere. I don’t want to forget what an amazing opportunity this is or how fortunate I am to be here in this moment.

Inspired – I want inspiration to take root in me – I know I need to take time away from my work to make sure I’m reconnecting regularly with what is inspiring and motivating me.

Pioneering – I want to really find the edges, push the envelope

Integrity – in everything

Playful – because it’s too easy for me to be serious and over intellectualise.

Seen – ah my ego 😉

Supported – I’m not alone – I need to ensure I stay aware of this and connected to those that are here to assist me – like my team!

Intuitive – I want to develop my active listening skills and perception / intuition.

Meaning – Purpose – this – feels like the stuff the start of what this PhD is going to be made of – and the source for my inspiration and motivation. I’m probably going to have to take a lot of time to focus on ensuring that this PhD remains meaningful to me. I don’t think I’ll make it to the end if I loose this – and at the same time – I’m starting without knowing exactly what my purpose is… maybe I need to work on exploring my sense of purpose!

I guess the interesting thing here is that none of these words have anything to do with my specific research – so in terms of setting intentions – this is a bit…meta. Maybe the next exercise I do in this cycle can be around getting a bit more specific with this.