8C4637D7-1E77-4C7E-92C8-4425726C9F72Hello! I’m Alice-Marie Archer – a PhD student researching Agritecture at Portsmouth School of Architecture. Before this I spent 7 years as a soilless farming practitioner and I have a background in collaboration, innovation and sustainable systems – research and practice.

Welcome to my research website! This research – in brief explores how Agritecture is moving farming beyond earth. By earth I refer both to the dirt and to futuristic ideas of post-planet dwelling. I don’t work on this alone – you can find out about my team here.

This website functions as database – I’m using this website as way to capture and share my research as I work on it as part of a grounded theory study of soilless Agritecture. Thus, the data section of this site is my working data repository. Compiled of snippets of information filed in the website’s database in date order – I carefully tag and categorise the snippets so that these are mineable.

As I go through the process of writing, I’ll be aggregating similarly tagged or categorised snippets, and going through the activity of sense-making to turn these into pages.